We will make a summary of two programs that in the entertainment industry especially for Webcam models have great weight; OBS and Manycam. Both are software designed for live transmission and although their function is the same, that is putting the sensual models that we desire in our monitor giving them a spark of entertaining effects, the two software’s different in their way of operating.

We rated relevant aspects in terms of usability (how easy it is to use), transmission speed and transmission effects.

Open Broadcaster Software

Better known as OBS, it’s a software used for live broadcasts developed by a community that has useful solutions. It is open source and it’s free, that’s why it results being a popular choice for real-time streamers. It’s compatible with the following operating systems Linux, MacOS and Windows.

It has module panels that you can rearrange according to your preference, you can even open each individual panel in its own window.

In the Scenes panel, which are unlimited, you can add compose transitions from multiple sources, including: Screenshots, Videos, Images, GIFs, Text’s, Browser tabs, andWebcams.

It has an Audio panel in which you can add and capture any sound device you need to mix, this option is essential to control the volume of each track that you’re using to generate effects on your transmissions.

Finally, the Studio Mode allows you to preview scenes and sources before sending them live, that’s how you ensure that your transmission is as clean and professional as your users expect it.

OBS has a maximum transmission resolution of up to 2K, which allows you to use a cap for your capture device.

While OBS is a free program, it also means that there is no centralized user support team to help you if you have problems. You must be self-sufficient and solve the problems that you could encounter through online community forums.

Software users have this sturdy tool to make their transmissions since you rely with a high level of personalization and external effects that can be added, in addition to the broadcasting quality of up to 2k and the sum that is a totally free program.

In short words OBS is ideal for technical users looking for a free solution, for this reason we give it a 4 Star rating .


It is a webcam and video switcher program that allows you to improve your chats and create broadcasts, being qualified very well on most webcam platforms, its transmission speed makes it a powerful software on websites, developed by the company Visicom Media Inc. compatible with these operating systems Windows, MacOs, Android and IOS.

ManyCam has an intuitive Platform, it differences from OBS because it has a panel on the right with all the functions, from Video options, Screenshots, Sound Mixer, Video drawing, Chronometer, Chroma key compositing, Interview type texts, Transmission effects, and a Gallery. All these options easy to customize at a click away.

Sara Orozco – Coach/Trainer.

Has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface,
“I think ManyCam has the best Chroma key compositing option compared to other programs”.

Scenes are at the bottom of the screen which in the free version it has 2. From here you select the following scene and visualize the effect that you have previously selected for your scene in real time.

Alejandra Osorio – Coach/Trainer.

The OBS can offer a better transmission quality thanks to the fact that there’s no payments to use it in comparison to ManyCam that limits the quality in its free version,
“I think that ManyCam is an excellent platform and its really worth paying for, it’s fast in live broadcast and very easy to teach to the models “.

The Conclusion:

Manycam has an annual fee and offers plans from $29, $49 and $249 dollars. This is one of the cons for this application, however for those who prefer to take better advantage of their transmissions without sacrificing image quality and transmission speed, this program is the most suitable option for fast, entertaining and fluid transmissions.

Given the ease of learning how to operate it and its intuitive interface we give it a 5 Star rating. .

Hamilton Castaño

Hamilton Castaño

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