MAKE UP BBC: Good, Pretty and Colombian

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Makeup lovers know that investing in makeup is an expensive hobby and many times we think that the more expensive and more recognizeed brand, the better; but this is not entirely true drugstore brands can be also as good as high end make-up brands.

That’s why I want to bring you these 7 Colombian make-up products that you will surely like because they stand out for their quality and affordable prices. In addition to having you reconsider your opinion about Colombian brands that are on the market.

1. Natural Matte Base (VOGUE): This foundation is my favorite in the market because it has sunscreen and a light texture, making it perfect for a daily use; it has a medium coverage and adheres perfectly to the skin, leaving the face soft and with a matt effect. It is perfect for those who have oily or mixed skin and the best thing is its price, around $ 10,000 COP

2. Yellow and orange concealer (SAMY): These two products can’t be missed in your makeup bag because they are perfect to neutralize dark circles, bruises, bluish or very dark bags. The best thing about these concealers are that their have a very creamy texture that facilitates the appliance and blending of the product without adding oil to the skin.

Remember to apply them before the foundation to match the skin tone.

3. Eyebrow Pomade (RACHEL): this eyebrow pomade has nothing to envy to other recognized brands, on the contrary, it is quite creamy, with good pigmentation and long-lasting; and unlike some brands that only offer 3 shades to choose from; Raquel’s pomade offers 10 shades making it ideal for those women who do not find their perfect shade. You can find it in the market at around $ 5,000 COP

4. Translucent loose powders (RACHEL): These powders are a hit, they are ideal for mattifying and sealing the skin, leaving the skin very soft and with a porcelain effect. The best thing about these powders is its anti-flashback effect and its low price, keeping in mind the amount that it brings. $ 13,000 COP

5. Shadows (SAMY): the shadows of this brand are simply a beauty. Beautifulshades, high pigmentation with a very soft texture that improves the appliance andblending. What I love about these shadows, apart from their previously mentioned characteristics, is that we can find them in individual presentations, 3-in-1 and a palette of 5 and 12 tones.

6. Lipsticks (AME): The matte lipsticks of this brand are out of this world with a lot of pigmentation, very soft and light texture. The brand offers a large number of shades with a very pleasant smell that remains even after drying. If you like a colorful lipstick like me, then you will love the metallic lipstick collection they are beautiful and perfect for women who like to take risks.

Like many brands of makeup AME also have lipstick collections created in collaboration with very recognized Colombian makeup artists just like Lina Toro and Julia Aristizabal, putting a seal of quality to these products.

The individual lipsticks of AME range between 16,000 and 20,000

7. Dual Illuminator (SAMY): This illuminator is called “Diamond glow” and it makes you shine like a diamond, unlike many similar products found in the market this one does what it promises and even more.

I had heard a lot about this product, but when I finally got to try it I could only say: Wow! This illuminator leaves me a pretty nice and long-lasting shine on the face and this is because it come with two shades in the same package (pink with gold sparkles and champagne with gold sparkles) which you can use together or separately.

The great thing about these products is that we can find them in the drugstore, a super market or even in makeup stores where they sell different brands.

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