Apparently creating a webcam studio is quiet easy and profitable, a computer is needed, a camera and a space to broadcast; regardless of this it’s not as easy as it seems.

In order to do things right you must start by the company’s creation and just like any other business it has to generate utilities, it’s obligated to make revenue, it must also be governedby the commercial code or otherwise you would be incurring in legal faults. This gets a bit complicated when we see that this type of job doesn’t even appear in the classification of  Colombian economic activities. That’s why it’s said that the webcam industry is in a thin line between the legal and the illegal, all due to the lack of regulation that exists.

On another hand, it’s essential to bear in mind that most cities are zoned out and not just in any area of ​​the city you can set up an establishment of this type. The commercial establishments dedicated to the entertainment for adults must respect the zoning restrictions according to the urban area where the business operates and the Territorial Ordering Plan (POT) of the city.

Those who have been concerned to grow in the industry, to generate recognition and currently have a solid financial muscle, an efficient business system, a real tax payment, among other things, they can talk about the benefits that this entails; just like the legalization of the money that is handled in the industry, taking away the concern that generated the closure of Firstchoice more than a month ago.

Being Firstchoice the main means of payment that studios and independent webcam models had, made that the closure of this platform caused small studios that were still in illegality to look towards the largest studios in search of a temporary solution to bring their money to the country.

Other payment solution similar to Firstchoice have been mentioned as an alternative, since they have the active service to manage payments, and they are presented as an easy and practical solution, Considering that only filling a form will make you able to manage the opening of a prepaid card to your place of residence; But being a system without control it can be used for other types of activities, bypassing the regulations of national and physical financial markets of each country, in the case Colombia’s, the DIAN.

In itself, all the options that can be presented are only lukewarm water cloths and are a temporary inducement to the situation that has already been presented.

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